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Algarve Portugal Golf Society Competitons / Handicap Rules

Algarve Golf Society Tournaments based in Vilamoura

Handicap Rules
Handicap Multiplier
< 6 0.1
>= 6 and < 13 0.2
>= 13 and < 21 0.3
>= 21 and < 29 0.4
>= 29 and <= 37 0.5
> 37 and < 45 1
>= 45 2
If Score Then new hcp is
< 32 hcp + 0.1
> 31 and < 37 stays the same
> 36 hcp + ((36 - score) x multiplier)
Sweep Entry Rules Max hcp
Mens 28
Ladies 36
Super Seniors * 36
* Over 75 years old and can play from forward tees
Rules and Regulations to play in Chez Carlos Golf Society Events and Competitions:

The mantra of the Chez Carlos Golf Society is to provide our members, member guests, and guests of our members with quality golf opportunities with an option of a competitive game amongst friends with a positive atmosphere. All are welcome to participate in our scheduled events. For most Society events there is a contribution of 5 euros for the sweep that we expect players to participate, although in circumstances it can be waived. Professional, or ex-Professional and + handicap golfers may exempt themselves from contributing to the sweep if they wish to play a casual game with our members from the yellow or equivalent tees. If they wish to participate in the sweep they will play from the white or professional tees.

*To facilitate an even playing field in our events, the Chez Carlos Golf Society requires new members to provide their handicap from a registered federation or club.

*In the event new players or members do not possess a registered or affiliated handicap they will be required to play their first 3 events at a maximum of 18 for Men and 24 for Women. After these 3 entries are made, they will be used to determine a Chez Carlos Golf Society handicap. Our Society handicaps are intended only for the use at Chez Carlos Golf Society events and we are not registered or affiliated with the Portuguese Golf Federation at this time.

*The purpose of recording, maintaining and using Society handicaps is to enable all to participate in Chez Carlos Golf Society events without prejudice and to ensure all feel welcome to join us and enjoy their golf experience with our Society.

*Regardless of registered handicaps from outside organizations or clubs, once a Chez Carlos Golf Society handicap is determined it will be registered with our Society and that handicap will prevail for all Society events and will be continually updated with entries made only in Chez Carlos Golf Society events. In the situation of obvious disparity between a handicap registered with Chez Carlos Golf Society and scores submitted in Chez Carlos Golf Society events, our Society maintains the option to make adjustments accordingly for future events at any time to facilitate and even playing field for all.

*As a Society, Chez Carlos does not adhere to the standard World Handicap System protocols and procedures to calculate handicaps. The Society has its own handciap adjustment program and each Society event a member or guest participates in IT is recorded and adjustments are made by our program's calculations and deemed valid for future events. In the case where a member or guest feels there is a discrepancy or miscalculation based on entries from previous events, we would appreciate this being brought to our attention to resolve any issues.

*As a Society, we play all our full Society handicaps against the scorecard at all events at all venues with no calculations or manipulations required based on course ratings. The handicap that is posted on the draw for Society events is the handicap to be used in full for the Event.

*For Event scoring purposes, ties will be determined by the better back 9, then the better last 3, then the better last 6. If it is still tied then the player holding the lower Society handicap will prevail.

Algarve golf Society tournaments

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